Fine furniture building is my passion.  I make furniture that is functional, strong, and appealing. Whether it’s a hand cut dovetail joint or a subtle curve, I apply the most appealing and best suited woodworking techniques with a skilled hand that produces lasting results. My pieces are combinations of organic shapes, contrasting colors, and precision joinery.  By carefully selecting each piece of wood for my projects, I’m able to produce furniture with unique grain patterns that glow like fine art.  End products are showpieces full of details inspiring a closer look and touch. 

For me, woodworking is a balance of designing for function and style while maximizing the characteristics of the raw materials.  I never complete a design until I have the wood selected and in my shop because the shape, color, weight, and characteristics of the wood typically only work a certain way with my designs.  The wood helps me transform the concept into a finished piece and my designs allow me to showcase its natural beauty.  

Many times my projects begin with trees that I have personally harvested from Colorado including felling, replanting, sawing, and drying.  I seek out domestic hardwood trees in urban and rural settings that can be sustainably harvested.  There is almost no waste in my shop.  Boards for large projects are cut down to size and I save all the offcuts for smaller projects like boxes, pens, and lamps.    Wood shavings become mulch for my landscaping, and unusable remnants become firewood to heat my shop.